5th Turkish Trauma & Emergency Surgery Congress

The 5th Turkish Congress of Trauma & Emergency Surgery was held in Antalya between November 16&20, 2005. The congress president was Cemalettin Ertekin MD, and the General Secretary was Korhan Taviloglu, MD, FACS. There were 719 participants and 10 national societies supported the meeting. Turkish Emergency Medicine Association, Turkish Association of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Turkish Association of Cardiovascular Surgery, Turkish Association of Anesthesiology, Turkish Association of Thoracic Surgery, Turkish Association of Neurosurgery, Turkish Association of Plastic Surgery, National Association of Vascular Surgery, Turkish Association of Pediatric Surgery and Turkish Association of Ambulance Doctors. Michael Sugrue from Australia, Michael Raraty from the UK, Michael Stein from Israel, and Ken Boffard from South Africa were the foreign speakers. There were 7 lectures, 22 panels (including nursing), three interactive panels, two luncheon panels and two after supper sessions were organized.
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